Too often however, the development process can be haphazard, “ring fenced” into a single area, or overtaken by “more important” internal or existing client issues.

Successful organisations approach new business development in a disciplined and committed way, with senior executive involvement and efficient systems to ensure continuous and successful growth.

We help clients develop and refine their development systems to ensure that:

Prospect tracking systems are in place and produce a regular source of qualified new business leads, aligned to identified sectors and profit targets;
Existing and developed distribution channels continue to be the most appropriate and effective;
Clearly defined and articulated value propositions are in place so that your prospective clients are able to differentiate you from your competitors;
Written proposals and oral presentations are targeted, and focused on winning the client;
The organisations profile, communication strategies and brand positioning supports your new business efforts.
Example 1 New Business Development Workshops
Example 2 Detailed Prospect Mapping