Having effective people processes is not about “people being our best assets” or having the statistically correct number of performance reviews completed. We focus on aligning people processes with the corporate objectives, to achieve real competitive advantage.

Too often, an organisations HR policies have no connection with the business strategies, or are too generic to have any real linkage with what people do in their jobs on a day to day basis.

We apply hands on business experience, broader than the standard Human Resource Management models to achieve:

Linkage of position descriptions and performance reviews with business plans and strategy;
Simplified performance appraisal systems that are meaningful to all levels and effective beyond mere statistics;
Implementation of 360 degree reviews that provide real development feedback for senior staff;
Effective competency models for management of high achievers and key professional staff;
Training and career development frameworks that integrate with job descriptions and performance review systems;
Credible staff satisfaction surveys;
HR policies and procedures that are modified from generic policies to processes which are integrated with the business objectives.
Example 1 Refinement of learning and development programme for senior brokers
Example 2 Future leaders development programme