Prior to heading QR Consulting, I held senior executive positions in the financial services sector, including the role of the Australian Managing Director of a global risk management and insurance consulting firm.

My most significant problem in that role, (and a continuing problem shared by many of my senior colleagues in the financial services sector), was the ability to find quality people, then to consistently align them with the strategies and objectives of the organisation.

There never seems to be enough motivated, energetic, strategic thinkers to help businesses drive towards competitive advantage.

Prevailing workplace culture, and restrictive employment legislation, often makes the task of transforming organisations a continuing challenge.

QR Consulting (QRC) was formed to assist organisations solve this problem, and attain real competitive advantage.

We achieve this through implementing new ideas, and helping you to change the way things are done. Our roles can range from the provision of strategic advice, to project management and applying hands on resources to solve business problems.

Our clients are primarily in the insurance industry, and include insurers, underwriting agencies, insurance brokers and other financial service providers.

Graeme Berwick, MBA
Managing Director
QR Consulting